Welcome to the New SophiaFresh.com!

Welcome to the new SophiaFresh.com! Sophia Fresh has been in the studio recording their debut album with T-PAIN, AKON, & SKOTTFREE to name a few. Stay tuned to SophiaFresh.com for the latest on Cole Rose, Skye, and Crystal and their debut album!

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17 Responses to “Welcome to the New SophiaFresh.com!”

  1. MIKE SHOREY Says:


  2. J Dub Says:

    I just wanted to say good luck! >>>(you wont need it tho)<<< I can say i was one of the first to post on they page. Nappy Boy = Musical Geniuses!

  3. NaiBayBee80 Says:

    Ok, so Iam offically a Groupee!!!! If you’ve heard SuperBad, then you already know why!!! I’ve been telling everyone I know about this song since I first heard it on my local radio station here in the Bay Area, CA, 106.1 KMEL!!!! (It was number 6 last night on the Hot 7 at 7 most requested songs, I was driving down the street slappin it like I had 4, 15’s LOL!!!) It’s sooooo FREAKN’ HOT!!! I LoVE IT. Now I’ve added it to my My Space, so everyone I haven’t told will know!!! I can’t wait for the Album!!! I can SMELL the HEAT!!!!! GO LADIES!!! Yal Super Bad, They want some of yal McLovin!!!! People Pushin and a Shovin!!!!!!
    I think Im the first member the THIS SITE!!! YAY!!!!

    Wishing you Much Success,
    Much Love,

  4. Divinity Says:

    You girls ROCK! Keep doin what you do! Love the look and the music!!!!!!!

  5. Cheryl Fortune Says:

    So proud of you guys… Keep doing it BIG! Crystal, love you sweetie..Praying for continuous success in your lives… Blessings to you!

  6. hard Says:

    I’m a chinese boy
    i studied dance and sing very hard
    i’m very like you when i listen “lives in da club” “nothin” or “superbad”
    I hope stand in America stageļ¼~
    you must refuel!!!!~
    and my english is very bad… hahaha!~


  7. SDB Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the music…you guys and t-pain got your snaps together…much love from over here in San Diego CA…..I love riding around in my convertible BMW and blastin’ your music…Congratulations!!

  8. K2Phresh Says:

    iight i really love yall musiq i just happend ta be on dha nappy bwoii website cuhs i love t-pain he is dha buisness and i saw yall so i was curious cuhs yall look was FIRE! and i hear “super bad” dhat junt was bumpqin and then i heard “Lives in dha club” and i was like omq mayne yall are somthin serious im fina put ya song on ma paqe so errebody can hear dha new sound! yall are “IT” yall got it and i waish yall best of luck but yall gon tear up dis musiq industry theres no doubt about it in ma mind and i know talent when i hear it and yall what it is! i cant w8t ta c yall on ya future tours nd everything! kep doing it biq!

  9. Ken Says:

    Sophia Fresh yall got talent and dat Cole Rose b doin her thang YEZZIR

  10. Catherine Says:

    Hey guys!! Lookin really nice in the chopped n screwed vid. Awsome cameo! (Can’t leave ur friends!) LOL! Good job girls! You guys are blowin up!! ~Cat~

  11. Marcellus Says:

    OMG crystal u are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  12. tj Says:

    what it do i am in love with these girls already the sound is hot T-PAIN has done it again!!!! GENIUS!!!!! Got to give it up to these young ladies they are hot, lyrics are hot sound is hot shit yall burning up!!! cant wait for the album to drop. Cant wait yall be easy and keep up the good work i am loving it and sure others will as well.

    Mr. Dunn Dunn

  13. nixon Says:

    Im lovin yall style since way back when if you know what I mean…. I know this day was going to come Im so proud of all of you keep it up!!!!! LOVE YA !!!

  14. Mardhanaya Says:

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