WATCH: Sophia Fresh “Behind The Photo Shoot”

Get a glimpse of what went down, behind the scenes, on set at the SOPHIA FRESH Atlantic Photo Shoot!

Debut Album ft. “What It Is” w/ Kanye West coming soon!

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3 Responses to “WATCH: Sophia Fresh “Behind The Photo Shoot””

  1. japmor Says:

    sky co-rose n krystal yall r beautiful im a young girl n sky u got my style yall new song is hipe ima get krunk off dat yall are were its at keep yall head up n go strong for yo fans i luv yall swag is hipe n yall r 2 so get ready 4 da real world yall r like my romodels now finally a group like yall came out tell t-pain wassup n he betta collaberate wit me on a song wen i b-come discovered i am wit out anotha thought gna meet yall one day peace out

  2. taylor Says:

    love super bad hazd to find it fast

  3. Ms.LoverLover Says:

    Clowned out Destinys child OMFG wacker than wack

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