Sophia Fresh Hitting Up Element in Hollywood TONIGHT!

Sophia Fresh is hitting up Element’s BET Awards Party in Hollywood TONIGHT, June 26! Check out the flyer below for details! Sophia Fresh’s debut album coming soon!

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2 Responses to “Sophia Fresh Hitting Up Element in Hollywood TONIGHT!”

  1. Robert Prather Says:

    Wish I could have made it. I know you ladies smashed it!

  2. ReadyRob Says:

    Honestly u all are very talented itz official..
    one thing i noctice about the group is that you all are very different 4rom other female artists..
    i jus love the way yall jus come wit a postive vibe with ur lyrics & songs including the beautiful voices yall are blessed wit
    i kno im typin alot but i jus wanna show alot ov luv to da group and da nappyboy ent. n keep doin wat u doin and neva giv up cause yall da future in dis music industry n hope to see yall more on Tv n otha shyt big fan!! sincerly readyrob.
    o yeah yall KUTE az shytt by da way LLS.

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