WATCH: Sophia Fresh Mixtape Out Now!

Sophia Fresh’s “So Phreakin’ Fresh” Mixtape is out now! Check out a special message from the girls in the videos below! Click HERE to download the mixtape now!

Sophia Fresh Mixtape Part 1

Sophia Fresh Mixtape Part 2

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3 Responses to “WATCH: Sophia Fresh Mixtape Out Now!”

  1. t smith Says:

    i want some of that gum cole

  2. wendyphipps Says:

    cole, amazing… i love the songs and videos…. wendy

  3. Jaylil Says:

    i’m a french sophia fresh’s fan and i love the songs that u make and i love u too!!Love all the Nappy Boy familly!!but i have,is T-Pain the dadd or the Big brother???^^

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