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Check out Sophia Fresh’s Black History Month Playlist Featured on Rhapsody!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Sophia Fresh is poised to take over the charts with their blend of R&B and pop and a debut album featuring heavyweights T-Pain and Kanye West. The girls took some time out from their hefty schedule to give Rhapsody a list of songs by some of their biggest influences including Sam Cooke, Xscape and Mariah Carey. Check out Sophia Fresh’s Black History Month Playlist featured on Rhapsody HERE!

Rhapsody Recipes with Sophia Fresh!

Monday, December 15th, 2008

As I’m sure most of us could all agree, one of the best parts about the holidays are all the different types of foods we celebrate with. With that comes many years of various recipes passed down from generation to generation. This holiday season, gathered many different types of artists to share personal recipes with their fans. Sophia Fresh got together to show us what they’re made of in the kitchen. They shared with us their famous 3 minute Sweet Potato Pie. Take a look at the full recipe. They also had time to show us how they make their tasty Amaretto Cinnamon Twist Coffee! Find the HERE!